Monday, January 23, 2017

Career Movers Series: After the First 72 Hours - A Productive Exit

I am emphatic that the first seventy-two hours after losing a job should be spent being loved and supported by your inner circle and keeping your situation private from people outside your inner circle.  (See previous post).  But then what do you do after the first 72 hours?  The next stage of the job transition is about moving forward.  We will cover some of the key action items you must tackle early in your transition at a later time.  For today, consider this, you need to create the best exit situation possible.  Some things to consider.

What benefits and perks are you leaving behind that may be valuable to you? Really think through traditional and creative benefits and perks.  It is worth asking if you can receive those benefits.  Don’t be ashamed to ask.  

Manage the message coming from the company.  What will they tell people if they are called about your employment?  What are they going to tell the other employees?

If you still have access to your work computer, forward to your personal email or print any written messages of approval or congratulations and reviews.  

Ask members of the organization to act as references or to write a letter of recommendation. 

Make sure the human resources representative, a key administrative person and your supervisor have your personal email and postal address along with your phone number.